u-boat replica U10 Tourbillon Calavera Calavera – A Watch With a Unique Skull Motif And Technical Superiority

A Showcased Floating Tourbillon This is the most obvious evidence of the watch’s intricate beating heart. It can be seen on the front right of the watch and in a separate dial. The huge flying tourbillion cage measures 16.25mm in diameter can be seen there. It is displayed as often as possible. The case's four sapphire crystals are designed to display the floating tourbillion from various sides. A matte black PVD coating was applied to the walls surrounding it,hellorolex.watch which allows for a better view. To reduce its weight, the large tourbillion measures 16.25mm in diameter and is hand polished. The bridge of the floating tourbillon is made in titanium, which was chosen for its shock-absorbing qualities. The bridge that connects to the tourbillion cage is another detail that grabs attention. It is coated with magenta lacquer.

u-boat replica Tradition – A Supreme Finishing and Extended Power Storage Calibre A100 are also distinguished by their extended power reserve. This trait reflects those that were in u-boat replica pocket-watches from olden days. The supported power reserve is approximately 90 hours. It is made up of a pair mainspring barrels,Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches which are placed in series to improve accuracy. They are also sized in a specially calculated ratio to ensure a flatter torque curve. The bridge supports them with a crisscross pattern of laser-engraving, satin-finishing and support. Additional laser engraving and enameling are done on the two ratchets.

u-boat replica U10 Calavera Caliber A100 Front

The movement is distinguished by its extensive finishing, which places it in the top-end of watchmaking. It can be seen all over its components, including the tourbillion cage.

A huge housing made of special steel It measures 52.1 mm in width,Replica Watches 30.4 mm in length and 7.5 mm thick. Its large size is due to the special architecture and large parts of the caliber.

u-boat replica U10 Calavera Caliber A100 Back

The rectangular housing of u-boat replica U10 Tourbillon Calavera measures 62.75mm in width, 38mm in length and 15mm thick. This housing is made from special BO-988 annealed Stainless Steel, which is superior to the 316L steel alloy.

The material is bead-blasting and annealed.u-boat replica Seven sapphire crystals are arranged in a domed form. All of them have been glare-proofed. u-boat replica U10 Tourbillon Calavera can withstand water up to 30 meters. This one-of-a kind timekeeper comes with a black alligator leather strap, which fastens with an stainless steel folding clasp. Serial number 0LUAS.B01A.C001F.

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