Another unique zenith replica watch 1518 made almost entirely from gold - La Jaseur Boreal

zenith replica 1518 revealed another piece with many captivating qualities. The name of the new timekeeper La Jaseur Boreal, or The Bohemian Waxwing, is derived from a miniature enamel painting that depicts said bird. Only the most skilled enamelers can do it. Its beautiful center features both painted and applied spots that,Rolex Daytona Replica in the end, form a harmonious pattern of breathtaking beauty. The watchmaker can be proud that the novelty, which is 95 percent made of solid 18K 5N red gold and weighs in at 1 kg, also boasts this. La Jaseur Boreal's golden components are the case and dial, as well as the buckle, and the in-house mechanical movements.

zenith replica 1518 La Jaseur Boreal Unique Watch

Enamel Miniature a Bohemian Waxewing The one-of-a-kind zenith replica1518 newcomer comes from Les Oiseaux Collection. It is very similar in many ways to the single issue piece of the Swiss brand ("Ville de Geneve") that we recently wrote about. The dial is the key to this watch's name. This charming 13-part face is made of solid 18K5N gold, which has been enameled to make it even more beautiful. Twelve domed cartouches are crafted using the traditional grand feu enamel technique. Except for the eighth position, which retains its golden hue and includes the brand logo as zenith replica16518 has a common practice), each segment shows a black Roman numeral on white background.

Because it uses grand feu enamel miniature, the depiction of a bird on the central portion of the dial is more complicated. Jean Petitot, a Geneva native artist and one of the greatest enamel painters ever to have created this technique in 17th century. The technique involves painting individual segments and then heating them to give them the quality of permanence. The Swiss brand's artisans created a picture of an orange Bohemian Waxwing, which stood on a branch against pink background. This was done to avoid being covered by the base of the watch's fingers. The hour and minute hands are blued.Rolex Replica Watches The sweeping second hand, however, is two-toned. These colors were created without any chemical treatment or lacquer.

zenith replica 1518 La Jaseur Boreal Unique Watch Case

Red Gold EverywhereThere are many exciting facts to be discovered when you examine the specifications of the watch’s movement. The new watch also features a mechanical movement that is made of solid 18K gold,Replica Watches as was the case with our Geneva tribute timekeeper. Julian Coudray had to register several patents in order to make the entire caliber in gold. The manual wound movement has 34 jewels and a power storage which keeps it running for 55 hour. The movement supports three hands and has an additional support function: the 18K gold enameled service indicator at its top. An oil drop symbol is displayed every four years to indicate that the mechanism needs to be tuned. As luxurious and unique as this timekeeper is, it is only natural that the movement has been hand-engraved and decorated. It is also possible to see the movement through the transparent sapphire case-back.zenith replica This same material was used to make the crystal at its front.

The housing for the in-house gold movement is made of the same material and has a round shape. It measures 39 mm in diameter and 9.85 mm thick. Its crown, which is made from solid red gold, has a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 9.85. zenith replica 1518 created the wristlet using a hand-stitched light salmon strap with calf. It fastens with an 18k gold buckle with an engraved pictogram.

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